Friday, February 29, 2008

An Unless

Yesterday President Bush threatened to veto the bill renewing the financial incentives for the production of alternative energy sources. The lead in the Times reads:

WASHINGTON — The House on Wednesday approved a bill to extend more than $17 billion in tax credits and other incentives to encourage the production of energy from solar, wind and other renewable sources, and to promote energy conservation. The bill would be financed by ending tax incentives for oil and natural gas producers.

It's not easy. It's not going to be easy.

Oil went over $103 in Asian trading this morning. Some analysts are predicting $4 a gallon gas this spring. Some say that it's only by reflecting the true price of oil stripped of the subsidies that people will be motivated to find an alternative. I'm worried that alternative is going to be coal.

Last night I went to a lovely gathering in the home of one of my favorite people which -- the first in a series of gatherings of local moms to talk about what it is that we can do to make some sort of difference. While raising children is an amazing endeavor, there comes a point when you need to be able to both expand your own focus and also feel like you are working to ensure the world for them...

A terrific guy from the Mass. Democratic party came to talk to us -- just for fun. He is two years out of college, and communications director. Very knowledgeable, helpful -- and very starry-eyed.

The problem in trying to figure out any of this is ... well, the pressures from all angles of any issue become so complex.

Alternative energy, clean air, clean water, affordability, manageability, mobility...

I'm so cynical -- and a little bit of a conspiracy theorist at times... Is it possible that this tie in to oil was put into the bill to kill it? It seems unlikely given this administration that a bill funneling money from oil industries to alternative fuels would pass the big red stamp. Was it set up to fail? Was it set up to make a statement?

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