Monday, May 19, 2008

We Understand

A few months ago in Nova Scotia a small community center was robbed.

It was robbed for its heating oil. The theft caused an oil spill. Somehow a flash crosses my mind -- a new mad max style world...

The community rallied -- as communities can -- came up with almost all of the $5000 clean up price tag -- the center will have to raise the rest. The problem would have been a lot worse if the oil had reached the nearby water well. Phew.

There was a clause in community center's insurance policy that exempted the company from responsibility for oil spills! I wonder if I have one of those. I don't understand insurance companies.

The Community Center bought a new indoor oil tank to replace the old out door one.

"More people may feel like they need to steal oil," Ms. Pittman said. "With the price of oil going up and up, and so many people on fixed income, where are they going to get the money?"

"The cost doesn’t justify the theft," Ms. Beck said. "But we understand why people are doing it."

The Nova Scotia Chronicle.

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