Thursday, August 28, 2008

Human Rights

Today -- By Cary O'Reilly

"Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's biggest oil company, must face a lawsuit by villagers in Indonesia who say the company contributed to human-rights abuses by government security forces."

The suit was brought in 2001 -- apparently Exxon Mobil (first Mobil) hires local military to guard a plant.

This from the NYTimes in 2001 --

Published: June 21, 2001

"Over the years, the Indonesian military gained a widely acknowledged reputation for brutality as it suppressed rebellions in its vast archipelago. And the accusations against it in the Exxon Mobil case, like the use of torture and murder, have long been in the public realm. The suit contends that Exxon Mobil looked the other way as the military terrorized Acehnese villagers. Furthermore, it accuses the company of giving the military space and equipment for its anti-insurgency campaign."

I think it's interesting -- before I went on vacation I was getting really really careful -- about driving about the way that I felt about driving and plastic everything...
When I stopped working on this for a week I started to lighten up -- a human right -- but in the course I started driving more -- eased my concentration -- I suppose that's what relaxing is -- easing concentration. There are so many things to think about...

"Mr. Collingsworth said a victory in the case and the financial damages the plaintiffs seek would push Exxon Mobil and its shareholders to press the Indonesians to refrain from human rights abuses.

''We're hoping we can get Exxon Mobil to integrate human rights concerns into their very public concerns of their own security,'' he said. ''And we're seeking financial damages not just to help victims but also so that companies that do this kind of thing are punished in the marketplace.''"

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