Sunday, March 16, 2008

On A Cellular Level

I've just spent an hour reading about oil. About intentional spills in Dubai and punitive damages in California...

But here's what I've learned today -- from headline from Science Daily:

"Toxins in Oil Spills And Cigarette Smoke Prevent Stem Cells From Becoming Cartilage."

The new study released March 4 from the University of Rochester Medical Center asserts a common toxic pollutant spread by oils spills, forest fires and car exhaust slows healing by impairing bone growth from a cellular level. The study is focused on showing the negative effects of smoking on healing -- but I am amazed at this internal altering...

healing prevented
healing slowed
by what we breath
by our exhaust
by what we put out into the air
by the effects of disaster
the effects that disaster takes into the body
the effect of the body
and its inability to regenerate

"Gene expression is the process by which instructions encoded in genes are followed for the building of proteins, the workhorses that make up the body’s organs and carry its signals. In the current study, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a technique that measures gene expression levels, revealed the genetic changes caused by exposure to BaP in mouse stem cells."

will our grandchildren look back and study us as the strong ones --
how children heal we do now

we are becoming weak we are making our bodies weak by what we dump we breathe

"We believe this new research will establish for the first time the mechanisms by which polyaromatic hydrocarbons interfere with the healing process.”

how does one live unable to heal

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