Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fueling Concerns...

This from an AP story in the International Herald Tribune:

"Sao Paulo, Brazil. A strike by workers at Petrobas offshore rigs cut oil production by Brazil's state-run company on Monday, fueling concerns of further oil price increases on international markets.

Production was down by as much as 7 percent during the day, but a contingency plan put in place by Petroleo Brasileiro SA, or Petrobras, helped reduce the drop to about 4 percent by the evening."

I've been having a lot of trouble today -- there are stories -- but I don't seem intrigued by what I'm learning. I'm mostly wishing today I had a PhD in energy... or had a job that paid me to actually do all of this research. My kids are out of school, so I have little time to work these months...

In Brazil, it seems, the workers are striking because they want to see some share of the huge profit increases -- they want another day off at the end of a two day shift.

I'd like to know what they make.
I'd like to know how many days off they get at the end of a two week shift... on an oil rig, the work is 24 hours a day and someone has to be up all night...

More than anything I'd like to know what the contingency plan was...
Is this workers from Mexico? How much would contingency workers get paid? How well trained would they be?
was it AK47s?

"The company said its contingency plan would "guarantee the company's operational continuity and supply to the market.""

In the meantime:

"Company shares rose 0.68 percent to 40.9 Brazilian reals (US$25.5; €16.1) on Sao Paulo's Bovespa stock exchange."

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