Sunday, October 26, 2008

If Companies Communicated

This from the Canadian Press:

Irving among companies fined in 2006 Massachusetts oil spill

4 days ago

BOSTON — Three companies allegedly responsible for spilling about 68,000 litres of fuel oil into the Chelsea River and Mill Creek in Revere, Mass., have agreed to pay US$312,500 to an environmental restoration fund.

The oil was released in 2006 from a pipeline that was under repair on a fuel loading dock that is jointly owned and operated by Irving Oil Corp., Irving Oil Terminals and Global Petroleum Corp.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley announced a settlement agreement Tuesday, in which the companies will pay the money to the Natural Resource Damages Trust.

Coakley said the spill could have been avoided if the companies had communicated with each other before the repair work and closed valves that would have restricted oil flow through the open pipeline.

Greg Poitras, director of corporate affairs for New Hampshire-based Irving Oil, said that since the incident, the company has made changes to the operating procedures at the dock where the spill occurred to prevent something similar from happening.

"We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, as demonstrated by our quick response to the spill and the tireless efforts of our employees, working with the U.S. Coast Guard and the Revere Fire Department, to minimize the spill's impact," Poitras said.

I'm interested in this -- I'm interested in the fact that this is a Boston story I know nothing about and am reading it from the Canadian Press. I won't be taking my kids swimming in Revere any time soon ... not that I would have.

But I love the line: " the spill could have been avoided if the companies had communicated with each other ..."

Indeed. And what in my life. What company...

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