Sunday, April 27, 2008

Strikes Strikes Strikes

Today they are striking in London.

LONDON (AP) -- Oil giant BP PLC on Sunday was closing a pipeline system responsible for delivering almost a third of Britain's North Sea oil production.

Also "in a row over pensions" which is not explained in the AP/Times article, the article by AFP (Agency France Press) or in the article in the Wall Street Journal.


The closing is expected to cost the company about $100 million a day -- and rationing has begun.

Where's Thomas freedman when you need him? Though I bet his new book will cover some of this territory... One problem with the set up of news in this country is that it is really bad at piecing together stories -- giving some sort of overall information, except in circumstances where one reporter rises to the position of leader. Anyway, Friedman, if you are listening, maybe not the best time for a sabbatical!

It would be nice to have some analysis...
I imagine the rise in oil prices is putting pressure on everything -- oil companies are making more money now -- while people are paying more and beginning to feel the crunch.

Ben Stein said the big oil companies are us -- but I'm not sure how many people would really feel that way.

Interesting note -- when you search Google by oil and strike, the majority of the hits are American military strikes in Iraq.

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