Sunday, April 13, 2008


Slides Tops Sends Slides Falls Shoots Push Drops Fall Soar Raises Climbs Climbs Soars Surges Surges Surmounts Falls Dips Slips Tops

Far Above The Ceiling

The following are all from headlines in the New York Times. Except for the last semi-heroic couplet, they are in descending order from today to 2004.

Oil Slides Below $110 as Dollar Gains on G7 Talk
Crude Oil Tops $112 a Barrel
Tight Inventories Send Oil Prices Higher
Oil Slides to $105 as Iraq Tensions Calm
In Reversal, Oil and Gold Fall Sharply
Oil Shoots Higher
Supply Fears Push Oil to Triple Digits
Oil Price Drops Sharply
Oil Prices Fall From Triple-Digit Highs
Gas Prices Soar
Record Price Of Oil Raises New Worries
Crude Oil Price Climbs to Another Record
Oil Climbs, And Stocks Do Likewise
As Oil Soars, Natural Gas Is a Bargain
Oil at Another Record, Surging Above $93
Oil Surges $3.36, Closing Above $90
Can a Plucky U.S. Economy Surmount $80 Oil?
At OPEC, Some Worry As Oil Prices Start Falling
Oil Contract Dips Briefly Below $60 a Barrel
Oil Prices Slip As Speculators Start to Retreat
Just Another Day in the Pit as Oil Tops $52
Oil Above $46 and Far Above OPEC's Ceiling

High-Priced Oil Adds Volatility To Global Scramble for Power
2007 May Be Gone, but the Volatility of the Markets Carries On

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