Monday, September 15, 2008

Am I Still Learning?

Vittorio Hernandez - AHN News Writer

Edmonton, Alberta (AHN) - Between 300 to 500 birds have been killed by an oil spill in Alberta, Canada. The feathered creatures were mostly ducks and swallows.

The dead birds were discovered at an out-of-service conventional oil well at CFB Suffield, run by Harvest Energy Trust.

This is the second publicized incident of massive bird deaths caused by oil spills. Previously 500 ducks and other waterfowl were discovered inside the waste pond of the Syncrude Canada Limited oil sands plant.

The leak at the Harvest plant was a conventional oil field, not an oil sand, said Mike Hudema, spokesman of Greenpeace Canada. "It really points to the fact that the environment in Alberta is not under good hands or good management right now. Things are really spinning wildly out of control," Hudema told the Globe and Mail.

It's hard to keep learning new things.
If I learn news am I still learning?

I think it is important to remember that people and places are constantly being polluted -- maybe that's enough. My 6 year old son has been playing a game called Axis and Allies -- last night he said that I was Great Britain and he was Germany. I find the whole thing very disconcerting -- why this comes up in relation to dead birds in Canada I'm not sure -- except to say that history is so clear.

The other news today is how closer we are getting to new off shore drilling laws.

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