Monday, September 1, 2008

Oil Free Labor Day

Gas prices are up today on fear of the storm.
There is a profile on myspace called "oil free labor day"
I didn't know that.
I'll do it.
I did yesterday -- biked everywhere -- it's so nice -- feels good -- air -- free -- plus, you know, you see people -- smile at them and wave.

here's the text from that site.

This is a grass roots effort to shake the oil companies and bring the power back into the consumer. So please spread the word (on and off of myspace) and add this profile to the top of your friends list. Our target is Labor Day Weekend, August 31 - September 3, 2007, and we are asking that everyone try to avoid the pumps and driving if possible during this time. If you must drive, car pool and plan ahead and ultimately maybe we can keep gas prices at a fair market value for the future or just find a cool spot to relax for the weekend and spend the extra money on some good ale!

As always try to minimize gas consumption by car pooling, using public transportation and combining trips the short ones add up.

Our world has become dependant on ail and the fuel that it creates even though cleaner and better technologies exist and their ability to perform is equal to oil based vehicles. While at this time the major oil companies are obtaining record setting profits quickly becoming the richest companies on the block for because they feel they have nothing to fear and the citizens of the world are powerless so they can charge what they like. The US government and most likely any other government for that matter won't do anything because they are in bed with the oil companies. As Americans, if you are and if not you are welcomed as well, we have already had a tea party so what are we waiting for lets have Gas Party!

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