Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Side Thing

Opinion today again... ugh.

"America spends more than $200,000 per minute on foreign oil -- $13 million per hour. More than $25 billion a year goes for Persian Gulf imports alone"

This is the beginning of a new paper from the NDRC -- the Natural Resources Defense Counsel. I often wonder about where their money is coming from -- though I usually agree with what they say on matters and a friend from high school has a big spot there... I just haven't done the work.

But this seems to me to be the new line of attack -- that it's a national security and economic issue -- the dependence on oil: "
America's dependence on oil is a threat to our national security and our economy."

Well, I think it's true -- but it also strikes me as a populist ploy -- as in the one rallying cry sure to make the masses of this country sit up and take notice... they will get all our money...

I'm concerned that our rallying cry -- the only one to be gaining headway -- is a racist, isolationist one -- one sure to breed more contempt and more fear, having little to so with the environment or our heath.

us and them...


we the people of this world

we the inhabitors of this planet and the breathers of the air...

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