Monday, January 16, 2012

Practice for life.

January 16

This morning I came to the mat distracted. I resisted the beginning. I started late. I missed the breath work entirely trying to work on half lotus at the same time.

It is amazing that I can begin to work on half lotus. I injured my hip in 2010 and through the middle of last year I couldn’t even sit cross-legged.

I am wavering in my dedication to something else today. Something I believe to be right and true.

So I thought about Sweet Teacher – her voice telling us this is a practice for life.

In wavering on dedication I lost the enjoyment and the benefit of the breath. I lost the peace of the moment. The resistance to what I have set in my path is fruitless then. I am here. I am sitting and I am breathing. I can feel what it is life to find the expansive space inside me – I can feel what it is life to work in coordination with the body and living… or I can resist.

I kept waiting for my daughter to walk in this morning. Hoping I could ask her to take a seat on my mat…
She is fast asleep in her bed.

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