Sunday, December 30, 2007


I guess I'm looking for a little relief -- the stories are heavy, the narration is heavy, the idea that we are perpetually stuck in the past -- very un-new year-esque, if you ask me.

Today in the Real Estate section of the times is a story about a couple who turned their home into an artist in residence haven.

One of their artists in residence turns oil drums into lace!

In a series Cal Lane calls simply "oil drum tapestries" she makes what was heavy light -- communication created through space, through removal, negative space and the juxtaposition of what is heavy and light, laden and frivolous. What is beautiful. What is possible, even from debris.

She coats tires in powdered sugar, and makes intricate weaving out of dirt. Rust prints -- tomato paste paintings.

Nothing is permanent. Everything can be changed -- everything will change -- will change with the elements and time.

Take a look at her website!

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