Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What Doesn't Breathe 2

Yesterday, driving home in the snow with four kids in the car, my daughter said:

"I know one of the kids in my class that had lice, mommy. It was [no grown up would ever tell]. I know because she had olive oil in her hair. Olive oil kills lice."

It does, how does it do that?
"The oil clogs the bugs lungs so they die."

Turns out, I read this morning, while these six-legged creatures that breath through pores in their sides, are becoming immune to that toxic burning stuff we pour on our children (or our parents poured on us) nothing is immune to not breathing. Though they can shut down their systems for a while, so you have to leave it on. Have the kid wear old clothes -- and don't dip them with French bread -- that's just gross.

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