Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thanks, Volunteers

Just under 50 birds, in a building turned emergency facility in Sommerville.

They use Dawn dish washing liquid -- that's it -- just Dawn.

"From now on I'm only going to use Dawn, she said." "Dawn takes grease out of you way," we said at the same time.

She had scratches on her arms. The aren't allowed to take any pictures. She said NSTAR seemed pretty relaxed about it all --

A reporter for the Community News Company wrote,

"Thousands of gallons mineral oil were dumped into Leverett Pond when an electrical line began leaking the fluid this morning, contaminating ducks and geese coating the banks of the Muddy River with oil.

Environmental crews have set up boons in the Muddy River to contain the oil, which has given much of the river a slick, bluish sheen. Between 1,000 to 2,000 gallons of oil have been contained, according to Ed Coletta of the Department of Environmental Protection."

What does mineral oil do when it's not in a bottle to be smeared on a baby? What does NSTAR do with it? Where does it go?

Apparently there was an e-mail circulated at a local college calling for volunteers -- people with animal experience. People who wanted to help.

She said there was a family of geese -- they were so cute -- the babies. She said it made it harder, though -- families will protect each other. And geese are not nice.

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