Sunday, June 8, 2008

Transparency in Energy Markets

The G8 meetings are still going on -- with oil at the top of the topic list...

"Japan, the United States, China, India and South Korea -- who together guzzle nearly half the world's oil -- said that they had agreed on the need for greater transparency in energy markets and more investment by consumers and producers both, while stopping short of calling on OPEC to pump more crude today." Reuters/Times

"But a call from the United States for an end to heavy price subsidies that protect many Asian drivers from soaring costs fell on deaf ears, as China and India said they could only raise domestic rates gradually in view of their fragile economies."

It's like when you are talking to a friend and they accuse you of their own behavior.

Maybe it's called something different when they do it -- like a tax break or a vice president...

And you look at them and you don't know what to say.

And you know that you are in way, way over your head with nothing to do

but get in the car and drive to the beach.

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