Tuesday, June 10, 2008

US Oil Demand By Region

Well, I came across an Energy Information Administration graph that shows US oil demand by region -- it's from 2002 -- but you know, everything the government does takes years and years...

The East Coast consumes roughly 6000/thousand barrels a day.
The Midwest consumes roughly 5000/ thousand barrels a day.
The Gulf Coast consumes a little less -- (it's a bar graph).
The West Coast about 3000/ thousand -- but it is pretty warm there and they have the sea breeze.
But the Rockies -- they consume less than a thousand thousand.

So for a minute I thought -- wow.
There is a place in this country. I want to go there.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a place in this country where people behaved well... were doing it right...

It took me a little while to notice the dots on top of the bar graph that show per capita consumption extremely consistent.

Sometimes that short moment of belief is worth a lot. It can show you what you want -- what the world could exist like in your imagination.

But the dots... their harder that way.

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