Sunday, October 9, 2011

Partner Poses

October 8

One of the things about this class is that the teacher is very into community. She makes us talk to each other -- smile at each other -- touch each other.
"the worst thing about your day can not be how close you are to someone else."

Sometimes I dread going in there just for this reason. I always leave feeling more connected.

And today is a day of cleansing and repentance. I actually was going to fast and go to temple -- which I do some times… I love this day.

But my oldest friend in the world asked me to go to yoga instead. And out to breakfast. Today, that seemed more purifying. 

In one pose we were doing a deep forward bend -- and my friend put her feet on my back, with her back on the wall -- and pushed. For the first time i felt like the real pressure in my hip was being confronted.

And it was really nice to be partnered with someone I consider a partner. While it is so nice to practice putting your trust and your hands in the hands of a stranger, it is incredible to take a moment to be supported by the truly supportive in your life. To trust them and to be able to talk to them as you push yourself; push through problems; help them on with their own space and shape. 

I am often amazed by the healing of touch. To hold hands -- and to simply feel another person.

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Anonymous said...

It was so good to partner with you, too. Such a different feeling to work with someone you know and love. Thanks for coming with me! And for being you.