Sunday, October 9, 2011

Up Side Down Time

October 9

I have done a head stand every day for several days. In the beginning, my arms were exhausted after about 5 seconds. 

Yesterday when I was standing on my head, sweet teacher said, to someone else, the goal is for you to take a five minute headstand. I think I fell out of my pose. 

A five minute headstand? She must be insane.

Today, I went to class again. I am still feeling so achey and sore and tired that I felt like I needed the support and I wanted to feel the movement. 

I stood upside down for a minute and a half. I didn't fall out -- I simply wanted to take child's pose.
I think in a week I will try for five minutes. What if that is like this whole thing -- or the drawing exercise… 

what can time teach that nothing else can?

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Lisa Merrai Labon said...

I suspect you will find out once you've built up the strength to do the very least, you'll know you can build up strength. This is something I seem to be learning every day as a unbelievably strong I can be...I had no idea until I was pushed.