Monday, December 12, 2011


December 12

This morning I’m thinking about sequencing. I was thinking about it on the mat – about how I’m not sure what to do…I’m not even sure what I did this morning – I know there was a little movement and a little twisting… I didn’t want to go upside down, I didn’t want to bend backwards. In part because I don’t feel like I really understand how to warm up those parts – and how to build the practice.

Afterwards I picked up a book my mother brought me – by Gary Krafstow, “Yoga for Wellness.” He’ll have something to tell me about building a sequence…

“A well conceived sequence is the key to an effective practice. Such a sequence has the qualities of order, harmony, efficiency throughout … so if you study and apply the principles… you will find your practices becoming progressively more elegant, refined and relevant to your changing needs and interests…”

oh, that’s all…
it’s right – I go in fits and starts and have a hard time knowing where to begin. I don’t want to do some of the things I love to do because I know that I am not clear on how to prepair…

This weekend I was standing in a field, on a hill, overlooking Boston –
a friend and I were talking – in what order do we do the things that we need to do…
home, love, career, art…
actually, buying a bed was in there, too
love, home, bed, career,
or should it be bed, home, love
or home, career, love

“In preparing for a particular posture it is helpful to progressively warm up the body by using similar postures that work in the same direction…”


It seems like it should get easier, but I am always at the beginning.

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