Thursday, December 15, 2011


December 15

I was glad to come to the mat this morning. I kept my sweater on for a while. It’s pitch dark and cold – I lit a candle in front of me. I still struggle to chant, but I love being near a flame…

All I wanted to do was put my forehead to the floor.

I stayed in child’s pose for a long time. The ground. The day will be filled with my control… doctors and teachers and lawyers … personalities and struggle.

I thought about that balance of sometimes needing the opposite of what comes immediately – and so I did a back bend series. Heart open. I love the feeling of falling backward. Of letting go and letting gravity come, like a partner...

Then pigeon for a while. The ground.

I have a friend, her daughter is struggling – isn’t this brilliant: she took her to a weight bench – let her pile hand weights one on top of the other to visualize the weight inside her. Brilliant. Grounding. During the day, the daughter had lunch with her teacher.  Heart open. The daughter told the teacher, you can call my mommy and tell her to take ten pounds off.

I thought about putting my feet in the air. And I put my head back to the floor, instead.

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