Monday, March 5, 2012

Sweet Breakfast

I was away for a conference in Chicago for just under a week. I had a room that overlooked Grant Park, the city, Lake Michigan. On the first day I had some free time and thought I would do some Chicago things that I love to do... Instead, I barely got out of bed. It was King sized -- with the curtains wide open -- creatureless and tucked in... I think I slept for about 17 hours that first day. I needed that.

This morning I retrieved the dog. She alternated between running in circles and burring her head in me. Now she is sleeping, exhausted from her own vacation, sprawled and at ease.

It was like that with the kids, too. One of those huge hugs which comes with an enormous sigh...
Thank Goodness you are back. I need you.

Vacations are good. Coming home is good. Nourishment. Nurture. I needed that.

I also took a vacation from yoga. My body has been tired. My heart, at times, has felt too open for the pressures right now. The Wise One told me to trust the desire not to tune in for a minute... that it is ok to watch bad TV over Shivasana at times...

Every year that I attend this conference there is some little bit of magic. This year it was breakfast with a stranger -- a fiction writer whose work I had never read -- though I am now working on a recent novel and am absolutely enamored... as I was on Saturday.

I talked to him about my problems with writing. With my loss of faith -- or estrangement as lovers might forget each other... he protested such flowery embellishment. He told me to sit myself down and write. If you have fallen out of love, he said, that is ok. But if you haven't, then you know what you need to do. Thank Goodness you are back. I need you.

And on the first Sun Salutation of the day, the same coming home...
Good morning, Sweet Breath. Sweet Writing, Sweet Creatures.
Thank Goodness you are here -- to hold me. I missed you.

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Lovely (sophia)